BIC Fun Fridays!

Check out all of the summer fun. Make sure to think ahead and bring your best outfits and ideas to the island this summer....


  • BIC Crazy Hat Day! - Friday, June 21st
    Let's get this summer going, students are welcome to help us celebrate the beginning of a fantastic summer by wearing their craziest hats! Backwards, oversized, homemade...feel comfortable thinking outside the box –or scouring the internet; we know there’s good stuff out there! Winner gets to pick a friend and favorite staff member and have lunch at the club together.

  • 4th of July float! - Friday, June 28th

    Calling all BIC kids. Get your creative juices flowing. Let's get this summer started with the most fun, crazy and imaginative BIC float ever. Join in the fun all week. On Friday, help put the finishing touches on the BIC creative masterpiece. It is so great to see the entire club working together....everyone is a winner.

  • BIC Day! - Friday, July 5th
    Let's celebrate BIC summer 2019, by wearing any BIC gear that you might have...stop by the front desk and see what gear you can buy. We will also have face paint on hand to paint up those students who are interested in our best B-I-Cs! Winner gets an ice cream bar from the office freezer. Oh yeah...

  • Treat Day! - Friday, July 12th
    This day is dedicated to all tasty treats! Students and staff are encouraged to bring their finest treats to class – and a “most delicious treat” title will be handed out. Students with food allergies should plan to bring their own personal treat to eat. Everyone is a winner today.

  • Crazy Hair Day! - Friday, July 19th
    Do not brush your hair today...come to the BIC sporting your best and craziest hair-do. Color it, curl it or put it up...make it fun. Make sure to bring your craziest "do" to the club because winner of the best "crazy" hair gets to pick a BIC t-shirt or hat for their own.

  • Dress Like Your Favourite Instructor Day! - Friday, July 26th

    It’s time to put your thinking hats on and become your favourite instructor for the day! Think about their most worn outfit or the way they talk. Whatever you do, make sure your prepared to imitate your favourite instructor!

  • Fourth Of July in August! - Friday August 2nd
    Every day is July’s never too late to celebrate our great country! All BIC kids are encouraged to dress in their best and brightest red, white, and blue! Bring your flags and your most creative "Uncle Sam" outfit.  Winner gets to share lunch with the fantastic BIC staff.

  • Pirate Day! - Friday, Aug 10th
    Have no fear – Pirate Day is still on the schedule! Eye patches, mustaches, bandanas, and your best jewels. We’ll be searching for the treasure chest at the club – follow the gold coins in a scavenger hunt and it will surely lead to a treasure that you will not forget.