The following membership categories, rules and pricing apply when joining the Block Island Club. There are four categories of membership: One-Day, Family, Individual/Couple, and Year-Round Resident. In addition, there are specific rules that govern guests and grandchildren of members.

  • One-Day Membership
    This membership allows you to take private lessons and use our paddle boards, kayaks and sailboats per BIC rules.  This does not give access to kids classes. No guests allowed with this membership.

  • Family Membership
    This membership applies to a family consisting of parents and all children age 22 or younger in that household.

  • Adult Individual/Couple Membership
    This membership applies to individuals and couples over the age of 22 who do not have children who will be using the club.

  • Block Island Year-Round Resident Membership
    Year round residents of Block Island are encouraged to join the Club. This membership applies to families (parents and children under the age of 22) and Adult Individuals/Couples who reside on Block Island year round, as evidenced by a RI license with a Block Island address and a commuter card. The membership rate is $500 and includes $200 worth of lesson tickets for those families who have children enrolled at the BI School, as evidenced by record of school attendance.


Guests of members who have joined the Club for a minimum of four weeks are welcome to use Club facilities for up to three (3) days. Members must accompany guests at the Club. Guests taking group lessons are charged twice the number of tickets applicable to the lesson.

Guests wishing to use the Club for longer than three (3) days should join as members themselves. Guests must sign a Waiver of Liability which is available at the Clubhouse front desk during regular operating hours and online.


Grandparents who have purchased an Adult Individual/Couple membership may bring their children and grandchildren (18 years or younger) to the Club and have them take lessons for a total of five (5) days.

Grandparents whose grandchildren will use the club in excess of five (5) days (and whose adult children have not purchased a Family Membership) should purchase a Family Membership for themselves and their grandchildren.

Adult children of members should purchase their own Family or Adult Individual/Couples membership if they (and their children) plan to use the club in excess of five (5) days. In such instances, a 25% discount shall apply to the Adult child’s membership. This discount applies only to parent/adult children memberships and not to two or more memberships purchased by siblings.


Lessons are an additional cost to the membership fee. Scheduled one-hour group lessons are one ticket for swimming and one ticket for arts & crafts. Tennis and outdoor adventure classes are two tickets. Two-hour sailing classes are three tickets and one-hour sailing classes are two tickets. Other events for children such as barbecues, can also cost tickets.

Private lessons are available with our staff members, cost will vary based on experience level of the staff member. Booklets of ten tickets are sold for $100 and may be purchased at the front desk during Club operating hours. Tickets must be submitted for each lesson prior to the child taking the lesson.

Children may participate in lessons and Club activities once the Club has a signed Waiver of Liability and Consent for Medical Treatment form. These forms must be signed by the child’s legal parent or guardian. Both forms are available at the Clubhouse front desk during regular operating hours and online.

Tickets for guest children:  Lessons for guest children are double the rate for member children.


Lessons are an additional cost to the membership fee. Two-hour sailing lessons in our keelboats with an instructor are four tickets.


Weekly membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Summer membership fees are non-refundable after June 15 of the summer for which the membership has been purchased. Refunds of summer membership sought prior to June 15 shall be provided consistent with policies of the Board of Directors for the Club.