Racing & regattas

  • Thursday Night Racing   Th  6-8pm
    Racing takes place on the Great Salt Pond every Thursday night. Club members may use the Club’s Keel and 420 boats to compete in the races, which start at 6:00 pm. Members must possess the skills to handle the Club’s boats and one member of the 420 sail team must be at least 15 years old unless an exception is made by the Head Sailing Instructor. The Captain of the keelboat must be a member and be at least 18 years and approved by the club. There is a flat fee of $30 to take out a keelboat for Thursday night racing. The BIC guest policy does not apply to Thursday night racing, therefore the crew do not have to be members. Members are encouraged to come to the Club to view the races from land. Captain and crew must all sign waivers to participate and be on BIC boats. 

  • The Hal Madison Yacht Race
    For more information, please click here.