2017 KIDS Class schedule

*Junior / Advanced competitive play 
**Check the calendar for these annual tennis events: Junior Davis Cup Round-Robin Tournament, the Block Island Club's Junior Club Championships: 10 and Under and Open Division Championships, and Block Island Club Junior Singles Ladder

Classes begin on Monday, June 19th and end on Friday, August 18th. Private tennis and sailing lessons are available through mid-September. For more information, please email info@blockislandclub.org.

Kids weekly programs are available to purchase which guarantees weekly spaces since classes have limited capacity.
Please click here for more information.

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The BIC sailing programs starts with 5 and 6 year olds introduction to sailing through our Colgate 26’s and continues through Opti’s and 420 classes. The intro program, Guppies, will be given a basic swim check, while wearing a life jacket, to assess their comfort level in and around the water. This will not be a swim test and beginner swimmers are invited to participate in the program. Students participating in classes more advanced than Guppies must pass a swim test, administered by the BIC sailing staff, in order to participate in the program. Life jackets are provided and required when on the water, at all times. Class placement is at the discretion of the sailing staff.

  • Guppies: Intro to sailing (ages 5-6)   M T Th F  10-11am
    The Guppies Program is intended for young sailors interested in gaining confidence and comfort on and around the water; and a basic introduction to the sport of sailing. The Guppies program includes a mix of basic learning activities and games with a focus on building confidence, safety and fun. Activities include rigging, steering, sailing in a larger boat (Colgate 26s). Students must turn 5 years old before 6/1/17. Students under 5 years old will not be permitted to participate. Life jackets will be provided and worn at all times.

  • Seafarers: Intro to sailing (ages 7-12)   M T Th F  9-11am
    Students who are brand new to sailing or have little prior sailing experience, are placed in the Seafarer program. This class, taught in our Colgate 26's allows students to learn the basics of sailing. This "bigger" boat experience will provide a comfortable environment for basic skill acquisition. Students in the Seafarer class have the benefit of close peer and instructor interaction in safe, stable boats. When the instructor feels that the student understands the basics of sailing and can handle a tiller and main sail on their own, the student is invited to move into the Opti Green class.

  • Opti Green Classes (ages 8-12)   M T Th F  9-11am
    Students who have progressed through our Seafarer class, or who have a skill and interest level sufficient for single-handed sailing, are placed in our Opti Green class. This class, taught in Optimists (or "Optis"), gives students the opportunity to try sailing with another student. Focus is on expanding the concepts of the Seafarer Class, introducing the basic concepts of racing and building confidence through both games and basic drills. Participants will generally sail with a partner. When is a sailor "too big" for an Opti? BIC recommends that a sailor who is over 115 lbs and/or 5'2" sail in either the Seafarer class, if under 12 years of age, or Teen Green, if 12 years of age of older. Private lessons may also be taken. If a sailor is over this size, but under 12 years of age, please contact the BIC sailing Director. We're happy to find the right fit for your student.

  • Opti Blue Classes (ages 8-12)   M T Th F  11-1pm
    When the lead Opti Green instructor feels that a student has sufficiently achieved the goals of the Opti Green program, the student is invited to participate in our more advanced Optimist Blue class. The Optimist Blue class will allow students the opportunity for truly single-handed sailing, and will focus on more advanced sailing and racing techniques (such as starting and stopping, landings, capsizing, upwind strategies, tacking and gibing, etc.) Self-sufficiency will be promoted in the Optimist Blue class, although instruction will remain a key component.

  • Teen Green (ages 13-18)   M T Th F  11-1pm
    Sailors who are new to sailing and are between the ages of 13 and 18 years old, should take our Teen Green class. It provides an additional setting for sailing education for teens. At the start of a session, they will sail in a Colgate 26 with an instructor and 4 peers on board. As the session progresses, they will sail in 420's independently with another peer, while coached from a skiff. Focus will be on teamwork, basic sailing techniques, and boat handling in a variety of conditions.

  • 420 Blue (ages 13-18)   M T Th F  11-1pm
    At just under 14' in length, 420s are often sailed in collegiate programs, and allow the student the opportunity to sail with one other student in a more sensitive and technical racing dinghy. The 420 Blue program is designed to introduce sailors to the basics hiking, gibing and roll tacking, among other skills. Focus is placed on continuing to build upon those skills acquired in the Teen Green program, with greater weight placed on racing techniques and boat speed. Regattas will be held throughout the summer.

  • Thursday Night Racing   Th  6-8pm
    Racing takes place on the Great Salt Pond every Thursday night. Club members may use the Club’s Keel and 420 boats to compete in the races, which start at 6:00 pm. Members must possess the skills to handle the Club’s boats and one member of the 420 sail team must be at least 15 years old unless an exception is made by the Head Sailing Instructor. The Captain of the keelboat must be at least 18 years and approved by the club. Members are encouraged to come to the Club to view the races from land.

  • Regattas
    Two or more sailing regattas at the Block Island Club and on the Mainland will be held this summer. Please check the website or contact the Club if you are interested.

  • Sailing Clinics
    Ken Legler Clinic
    Date: July date TBA; All Day
    Other clinics or special sailing classes may be available during the summer. Watch for details.

  • Private Lessons
    Private sailing lessons are also available and can be arranged with individual instructors.


Classes are limited to 20 students. Please make sure that your child wears the appropriate tennis clothing consisting of shorts, shirt and court sneakers. No sandles or teva's are permitted.

  • Beginner (ages 5-6)   M T Th F  9-10am
    This is the perfect venue for any juniors to learn tennis. Red training balls, shorter racquets and small nets will be used. Fast paced games and developing tennis skills will be a priority.

  • Intermediate (ages 8-12)   M T Th F  11am-12pm
    Players will use the orange training balls on a smaller court. Players will have an opportunity to learn all aspects of the game from basic strokes to strategy.

  • Juniors (ages 11-16)   M T Th F  10-11am; W  9-10am competitive play
    Juniors will use the green ball on a full court. Competitive drills and games will be introduced.

  • Advanced (11-16)   M T Th F  1-2pm; W  9-10am competitive play
    High intensity drills and challenging games. Emphasis will be put in getting in shape and developing players to play on their high school tennis teams.

  • Private Lessons
    Private tennis lessons are also available and can be arranged with individual instructors.

  • Junior Davis Cup Round-Robin Tournament
    Come out and join us for our Annual 10 and over Junior Davis Cup tournament held every July. The tennis staff will divide all our juniors into three or four groups of even abilities. Each group then can decide what country they want to compete for. All team countries must create their own flag, dress in their countries' clothes and have the appropriate face paint applied. Once all this is completed....the games begin! Boys and girls doubles, singles, and mixed doubles matches will all count toward their countries' winning total. Afterwards all competitors are welcomed to join us for the Awards Ceremony and cook-out! All teams are expected to put on a team skit as well! See the BIC calendar for date.

  • The Block Island Club's Junior Club Championships: 10 and Under and Open Division Championships
    Every August the Club's tennis staff hosts our Junior Club Championships. We have two divisions every year: a 10 and under division where we use the orange ball and an open division for all of our older players. Both events are played over two days. On the first day, the juniors play through until the final round. The second day is our finals day. The entire club comes out to cheer for the players and to enjoy our customary court-side pizza lunch. See the BIC calendar for the date.

  • Block Island Junior Singles Ladder
    The tennis staff will organize a number of different singles ladders for your children this summer. We will have a 10 and under, 12 and under, and teen-age ladders. All you have to do to sign up is come down to the Club office and put your child's name on the ladder with a phone number on the back of the tab. This is a wonderful way to introduce your child to our tennis program and a great opportunity to meet some other junior players of similar ages. The ladders will run throughout the entire summer. 


Lessons are limited to 12 students per class. Instructors will make the final decision on what class your child should be attending.

  • Beginner (ages 5-6)   M T Th F  11am-12pm
    The priority is teaching comfort in water accompanied by safe entries and exits. Swimmers will work on blowing bubbles, bobs, pushing of the wall, gliding, assisted back floats, rolls and kicking front and back with and without a noodle or kickboard. Swimmers will work on goals that include fully submerging and holding breath, assisted and unassisted kicking, unassisted back floats, unassisted pulling with manipulatives, front and back glides in streamline off the wall, and movement with combined arms and legs.

  • Intermediate (ages 7-12)   M T Th F  9-10am
    Swimmers will work on developing freestyle form and building endurance. There will be an extensive introduction to proper strokes, such as backstroke arm technique (arm rotation and proper underwater pull). Swimmers will practice form and turns, and practice for races.

  • Mixed Level Swim (ages 7-16)   M T Th F  10-11am
    Swimmers will continue to refine basic strokes while working on endurance. They will also learn more advanced strokes and skills. 

  • Free Swim (ages 8-13)   M T Th F  12-1pm
    Come join in the fun and swim in our new can dock pool. There will be relay races, games and more.

  • Private Lessons
    Private swimming lessons are also available and can be arranged with individual instructors.

Arts & Crafts

Our Arts and Crafts program is designed to foster creative independence and confidence as well as improve fine and gross motor skills. Participants will gain a wide-variety of artistic experience by completing projects that utilize diverse media as well as objects from nature. Traditional camp projects are an essential part of our program and include a variety of projects that utilize popsicle sticks, Perla beads, yarn, and clay. Our instructors provide age-appropriate projects that are interesting and fun, and the welcoming environment creates an atmosphere for sharing and conversing among the children. All artists of all levels are welcome at anytime.  Classes run hourly from 9am-1pm.

Outdoor Adventure

W 10am-12pm
Do not miss out on all the fun! Come join the BIC crew and make fun memories. Activities may include everything from team slip and slide to tubing. This program is offered every Wednesday for children ages 7 and up. Themes and activities vary weekly but are focused on outdoor play and games as well as exploring the nature of Block Island by land and sea.

Rainy Day Program

In the case of rain, the Club may declare a Rainy Day Program in the place of lessons.  All aged children will meet in the Clubhouse for board games and movies. Parents may call the Club or check the website to determine if a Rainy Day has been declared.

Varied special programs will be offered throughout the summer. Watch for posting of information on the website and at the Clubhouse.

Kids Weekly Program

The kids program offers guaranteed weekly spaces since classes have limited capacity. For cost of the programs, please click here.

  • Guppies (ages 5-6) for a week:
    M T Th F: Tennis (9-10), Sailing (10-11), Swimming or Arts and Crafts (11-12)
    W: Outdoor Adventure (10-12)

  • Seafarers (ages 7-12) for a week:
    M T Th F: Sailing (9-11), Tennis (11-12), Swimming or A&C (12-1)
    W: Outdoor Adventure (10-12)

  • Opti Green (ages 8-12) for a week:
    M T Th F: Sailing (9-11), Tennis (11-12), Swimming or A&C (12-1)
    W: Outdoor Adventure (10-12)

  • Opti Blue (ages 8-12) for a week:
    M T Th F: Swimming or A&C (9-10), Tennis (10-11), Sailing (11-1)
    W: Competitive Tennis

  • Teen Green (ages 13-18) for a week:
    M T Th F: A&C (9-10), Swimming (10-11), Sailing (11-1), Tennis (1-2)
    W: Competitive Tennis